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PF Printer PDF - Batch printer

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Publish your project to PDF with just one click.

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PF Printer PDF - Batch printer for Revit

Simply publish your work in several seconds to PDF

  • Print / Publish / Export multiple sheets to PDF with different paper size. Just one click. All automatically.
  • You can easily plot your sheets with the PF Printer for Autodesk® Revit®
  • Plugin automatically set the paper size as the sheet size. Standard paper size and also custom paper size is supported.
  • Select your sheets from list to print. Set output filename and directory.
  • You can set black/white or colors print and also scale parameter that scale paper and drawing/sheet.

General function

  • Publish sheets to PDF
  • Option merge all selected sheets to one pdf file
  • Remove diacritics / accents from sheet name
  • Change output filename to lowercase or uppercase
  • Option set prefix and sufix for output filename
  • PDF paper size as sheet size. - standard paper size or custom size is supported
  • Option print black/white or color mode
  • Scale printing % - scaled sheet and paper
  • Vector or Raster printing
  • Standard Revit printing settings - Hide links in blue, Hide scope box and other
  • Stamp options - text, color, size

New function

  • New: List of sheets is sorted by numeric
  • New: Filter sheets list
  • New: Drag and drop sheets - change order
  • New: Possibility define output file name when merge to single file
  • New: The last setting is saved when the plugin is closed
  • New: Check if the file exists and if so plugin add suffix to filename - don't rewrite files
  • New: Simle installation and activation process


  • Enhanced: Folder dialog form for selecting output directory
  • Enhanced: New faster PF printer core
  • Enhanced: Last proccess check if created files really exist
  • Enhanced: modern UI


  • - Fixed: The default printer driver may not be PDFCreator
  • - Fixed: Long print proccess make wrong filename
  • - Fixed: Improved stability when long print processing
  • - Fixed: Corrected PDF orientation when print to one PDF file

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Technical parameters

Language: English.

Support: Autodesk® Revit® 2019.2.2, 2020.2.3, 2021.1.2, new released 2022

Operating systems: 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7

New version: 5.10

Free trial PF printer

Limitation: wattermark

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